Hi, I'm Traci!

a yoga teacher,

Pilates instructor &

certified personal trainer.

I offer 1:1 training along with Pilates, yoga and well-rounded fitness classes. 

SoulCenter Fitness by Traci

Class Schedule


April 19th - May 28th, 2021

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 

8:00-9:00am (Pacific)

Pilates on the Mat

***Friday's include hand weights

Tuesday & Thursday

8:00-8:45am (Pacific)

Get Fit 

Circuit Cardio & Strength Exercises

with Hand Weights

Tuesday & Thursday

9:30-10:15am (Pacific)

Chair Balance

(Hand Weights optional)

Tuesday & Thursday

4:30-5:30pm (Pacific)


Saturday, May 1st & May 15th

9:00-10:15am (Pacific)

$60 for the session

About Traci Yoga Teacher RYT500

About Traci

I am glad you are here!  I'm Traci.

I'm a certified fitness trainer, registered yoga teacher and senior movement enthusiast. 

Here you can experience the classes I share.

With dedication and consistency, new healthy habits can be created.

Join me! 

Personalized Session


Zoom Group Class Sessions

 Private sessions are designed around your needs.

I create one of a kind personal training practice. I combine yoga and Pilates with modern methods to improvement your overall well-being. 

Experience the positive changes that a consistent and well rounded program can do for you.

We can meet by Zoom or another convenient location.

Watch my Videos

Check out more videos on YouTube!

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Balance Class Guide

A guide for personal practice with focus on balance.  Please be safe and work with a comfortable approach.  Please stop the movement if you feel any pain.


Contact Us

My goal is to offer well rounded classes and programs that encourage positive health and fitness experiences for everyone.  

Please contact us to find out more.

Marina, CA

Traci St Pierre Contact

Exercise and Essential Oils:

Energy and Motivation

 Try lemon, citrus or peppermint

Muscle soreness after a workout

Try lemongrass, marjoram or eucalyptus.

Stretch and Rest

Try lavender, bergamot, or cedar wood.

Traci St Pierre

Marina, CA

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